About Continuing Reformation

Continuing Reformation is a blog about the people and events that surrounded the Christian Reformation in Europe. Learning about the Reformation is important for every human being. It demonstrates how little people serving in their churches make a real difference. It helps us to understand how theology matters and cultivates in us a desire to learn the historic creeds and confessions of the church.

About the Author

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My name is Jonathan and I am a layperson who simply enjoys reading and writing about the Reformation. It is a sincere joy and real passion of mine to show how the conflicts, successes, and failures of the Reformation turned the world upside down. In conversation, I could talk about these topics for hours. As a result, to spare my friends and relatives the burden of receiving such conversations, I have been told to create for myself a little outlet. So I have.


5 thoughts on “About Continuing Reformation

    • Thanks Maria! I appreciate your accolades! I would love to contribute, but it will have to wait until after October. I am currently working for 10-12 hrs out of the day during the week and often don’t get down to writing and publishing until about 1-1:30 in the morning some nights. I would be very interested in guest writing and at the risk of spilling the beans, I hope to have two guest writers contributing to Continuing Reformation myself. One will be covering Zacharias Ursinus and the other is yet undecided. It has been extraordinarily fun doing this project and I can’t wait to launch a similar project next year.

  1. Thank you for replying! The project is so worthwhile. I look forward to reading more. I just finished reading about William Farel in another place, a chapter on France and Switzerland (1500-1800) in E.H. Broadbent’s The Pilgrim Church. Yes, a fiery guy! In the midst of all you do, get some rest. I’ll look forward to your guest blogger too.

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for your article on Hans Tausen of Demark. I learned this summer that Tausen is my great- x13- grandfather. I am a Lutheran pastor in the ELCA so learning that he studied under Martin Luther in 1523 and brought the Reformation to Denmark is amazing. Are there any biographies of Tausen in English? I looked on Amazon but found nothing usable, or if there is a related book on the Danish or Norwegian Reformation, that would be helpful too.

    I also appreciate the artwork on your article about my ancestor.
    Pastor Dennis Johnson
    Marion, Iowa

    • Dennis,

      You are very welcome and that must of been quite amazing to stumble on! If I remember correctly, I did find some decent biographical articles and small essays but nothing like a monograph on his life. The book I found most useful in my research on his life in English was James L Larson’s Reforming the North: The Kingdoms and Churches of Scandinavia 1520-1545. It is published by Cambridge University Press and is very well put together. Thank you for noticing the artwork too. It was very hard to locate good high quality images for a figure that is talked about way too little. I would love to hear about your work in the ECLA. I myself am a member of an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Sinking Spring, PA. Recently, I have been working on a new entry on the Marburg Colloquy. After reading the transcript and extant letters surrounding the event, I feel that the Reformed and the Lutherans lost a great opportunity, even with the political intrigue surrounding Landsgrave Philip of Hesse.

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